Creative, technical-perfectionist, and passionate. That’s how we describe ourselves at MC Designs, and that’s how we feel any good website designer or graphic designer should be.

Creative. Because your site or ad or logo should be different! Everything should have a creative feel to it – it shouldn’t look like anything else that’s out there already (unless that’s what you want). There is a creative strategy in everything we do, ready to be unleashed! You want to stand out from your current and future competitors!

Technical-perfectionist. Because your website has to WORK. It has to work across all browsers, on all types of devices. It has to communicate the right code in the right order at the right time to your browser so it looks right ALL of the time. Let’s face it – our world is becoming very much a phone/tablet-centric world. Not only do sites have to look good on computer screens, but they have to function on very small screens as well.

Passionate. Because you are giving us your hard-earned money, you want someone who will CARE about what they are producing for you. We aren’t cookie-cutter, assembly-line types of designers here. Each client in our family gets our full attention and care throughout the whole process. And because we are incredibly passionate about what we do, we stay up on all the latest technologies to better serve you, our customer and friend!


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